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www.Bicycle Designer.com Bikes for every lowrider comin' at you through cyberspace.

Photography: Photos courtesy of bicycledesigner.com

Ever heard of the Internet, a website or cyberspace? You have to check this out, especially you dads and moms who don't have the time to go to the bike shops. Has this ever happened to you? "Mom, Dad, can I have a bike?" says a little voice. Your back locks up and you hear the pitter patter of little feet, but there is nowhere to hide. Mom picks up the trash can and runs outside and you jump on the computer pretending to do some work.

Ah, but the little bike dudes are ready (parents never underestimate your little angels). They see you at the computer (because mom is outside throwing out the trash), they show you a page in LRB and it has an ad for lowrider bikes, choppers and tricycles. "It's not far, dad. Let's go, please!" You look at the address and it says Redding, California, and you live in Florida; not far, huh? Well, being the bright dad that you are, you glance down at the ad and notice a website address, you sink in your seat and relax. Okay, you say, let's look at what they have.

You click on their site: www.bicycledesigner.com and up comes a cool website with all of the information that you need to get a bike or build a bike. BicycleDesigner.com is an online source for bicycle lovers who want to fix up an old bike or buy one of their latest lowriders, cruisers or chopper bicycles that the company has available. You can go on the website and find out how to measure your bike's frame to determine if their parts will work for your bike. They have all kinds of parts and accessories, and most of them are standard sizes and fit most bicycle frames. They even have three registered brand names including Lovelylowrider bicycles, HogRider bicycles and their own Bicycledesigner brand parts.

BicycleDesigner.com started back in 1999, and has been going strong from day one. They started advertising with Lowrider Bicycle Magazine in 2000 and they have been a part of the magazine since ever. Gary Sackin, sales manager of Bicycledesigner.com, says, "I have seen the lowrider bicycle market grow since the first issue of Lowrider Bicycle Magazine back in the winter of '93." A couple of years later, Gary started the first website selling lowrider bikes and parts, www.lovelylowrider.com back in 1995. "For a few years it was the only source online," Gary adds. "Now there are lots of websites relating to the lowrider bikes."

The website was changed to Bicycledesigner.com because their product line evolved into more than just lowriders. The new style of choppers and cruisers was out there as well and they were not going to let it pass them up. A big advantage that Bicycledesigner.com has over its competitors is that all of their products are in stock, and they assemble the bikes and parts in house. Bicycledesigner.com has a 5,000-square-foot warehouse filled with inventory, so it's easy to click on the website, check out what you want, pick up the phone, dial their toll free number (888-221-7164) and get the bike that your little lowriders want, all from your living room.

Bicycledesigner.com bicycles have been featured in lots of videos, magazines around the world, and some museums around the country. The latest museum to exhibit their bikes was the Indiana State Museum, a cool exhibition of culture running from January 31 to May 5, 2004 called "Chicano Now." This show was inspired and directed by none other than actor/entertainer/art collector Cheech Marin, Check out the website at (http//www.in.gov/ism/MuseumExhibits/SpecialExhibitsChicano, asp) and click on February 2004 Newsletter, to see what it was about. "The next project that we are helping to develop is The Adventures of Pachuco Boy by Montijo Entertainment," reveals an excited Gary. "Bicycledesigner.com is supplying lowrider bikes for each character in the series. Cartoon renderings of each bike will be in the series and we will be making and supplying the actual lowrider bikes for sale through www.lovelylowrider.com." Hey! You collectors break out your Visa and MasterCards. These bikes are a must.

Oh yeah, here's a little FYI for you moms and dads--when you purchase any products from Bicycledesigner.com you will be automatically registered to win a classic lowrider bike, courtesy of www.bicycledesigner.com! This sweepstakes is called the BicycleDesigner.com Summer Bike Giveaway and it runs from June 14 through August 31, '04, so get to it, and if you have any questions please call 888-221-7164 and say hello. Hey, before you forget, go get mom and tell her that you took care of the bike thing and that she can come back into the house.


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