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Riders on bicycles built by BicycleDesigner

20" Lowrider bike with a
front hand brake.

20" Lowrider Continental

20" Spin-Lowrider

20" Spin-Lowrider Deluxe

20" Superwheel Lowrider

Lowrider Chopper with
cruiser seat

Lowrider Chopper with
banana seat

BigWheel Chopper

Muscle Chopper

HogRider Chopper

RV Bicycle with giant
apehanger handlebars

20" Vegas Spin-Lowrider

20" Lowrider SuperTwister

20" SuperWheel Lowrider

20" Spin-Lowrider

20" Classic Lowrider Trike

20" Super Krate Bicycle

Chopper Trike

20" Deluxe Lowrider

Compare 20" Super Krate,
HogRider Chopper, and
20" SuperWheel Lowrider

Stinger Chopper w/ fat tires

Lowrider Chopper with
banana seat

Beach Chopper w/ fat tires

Lowrider Chopper with
front disk brake.

Classic Chopper with
front disk brake

26" Banana Cruiser

Stretch Cruiser w/24" wheels

Slowrider Cruiser w/24" wheels

26" Super Cruiser

Compare 20" Lowrider and
a 24" Stretch Lowrider

Fantasy Chopper w/20" wheels


Stretch Cruiser  w/26" wheels
Bike for 6' + tall people

Sweet Chopper w/20"x24" wheels
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