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LovelyLowrider SuperWheel - Blue

Lowrider Bicycles

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LovelyLowrider SuperWheel - Blue

Shipped in 1-box partially assembled
Comes with all the parts included in the photo

This SuperWheel Lowrider Bicycle features a blue frame, single speed, 20" 140 spoke wheels, rear coaster wheel foot brake, apehanger handlebars, bent springer fork, bllue veloure banana seat.


Its a fun bike to for casual riding around the neighborhood.

Bike # 61022 Parts
Bike Name LovelyLowrider SuperWheel - Blue
Accessories :  Lovely Lowrider brand head tube plate 535009
brake rear wheel coaster brake (foot brake)
bottom bracket bottom bracket set, chrome 503005
Chain single speed chain, chrome 508004
Chainguard 20" chainguard, chrome 509007
Crank 3.5" crank, chrome 510001
Fender 20" ducktail fender set, chrome 511008
Fork 20" bent springer fork, twist bars, chrome 513010
Frame 20" lowrider frame, blue 514610
Grip blue sparkle 515430
Handlebar 15"x26" apehanger, chrome 516003
Headset 22.2mm threaded, chrome 503008
Kickstand 8" kickstand, chrome 519001
Pedal krate pedals, black/chrome 524004
Reflector reflector set 526009
Rimstrip 20", 2 pcs. 527001
Seat post seat post, chrome 528100
Seat 20" banana seat, veloure, blue 529102
Sprocket 36T lucky 7, chrome 532001
Stem 22.2mm, chrome 534003
Tires 20" x 1.75" white wall, 2 pcs. 539306
Tubes 20", 2 pcs. 542100
Wheel Set 20" 140 spoke front and rear coaster brake, chrome   960202

Part #: 61022

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