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Rear Wheel Disc Brake Kit

Disc Brakes

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Rear Wheel Disc Brake Kit

Rear Wheel Disc Brake KitRear Wheel Disc Brake KitRear Wheel Disc Brake Kit
Rear Wheel Disc Brake KitRear Wheel Disc Brake Kit

Rear disc brake bracket  505223
Disc brake rotor 160mm  505217
Disc brake caliper 505203

Dis brake adapter 505215  video
Axle washer with grooves  517062

16T free wheel sprocket  532200

Application:  VIDEO
For 20",24",26" bicycles frames without a rear disc brake bracket welded to the frame with horizontal dropouts, not diagonal or downward drop outs.


Important instructions (warning):  Use the bracket 505223 on a frame with horizontal drop outs, not with downward or diagonal drop outs.  See horizontal and downward drop out images below for your reference.  Check the integrity of your frame's drop out for any type of bending or any portion that looks out of shape after each ride; also confirm that your axle nut is tight and secure holding the bracket to the frame drop out after each ride. Do not use this bracket with more than a combined weight of 250 lbs. for the rider and including any cargo.  Don't use with a motorized bicycle, for a motorized bicycle rear disc brake click here

Thread the adapter 505215 onto a flip flop wheel or flip flop hub; use thread locking glue between the hub and adapter and all other screws included; use Loctite Threadlocker Red 271 High Strength, or equivalent glue.

Part #: 840548

Price: $89.00
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1 5 out of 5 stars by on July 23rd 2018

Rear Wheel Disc Brake Kit

Length of ownership: more than 1 year

Pros: If you have an old PK Ripper these are the cat's meow.

Cons: There are absolutely no Cons with this...

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