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26" Straight Springer Fork - MixyTwist2

Springer Forks

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26" Straight Springer Fork - MixyTwist2

26" Straight Springer Fork - MixyTwist2


26" straight springer fork, raw metal legs, twist chrome support bars, gold head kit
For frames with 101.6mm - 146mm (4" - 5.75") head tubes
190.50mm (7.5") long steering tube
* Heavy duty springer fork head kit screw

* Bottom hole for a safey washer


Use a 1" threaded headset like our 503008
Use a 16",20",24",26", 29" front or disc brake wheel
Use a springer fork disc brake kit 84056
Use a cruiser front brake kit 870020

Can be used with a 1 1/8" headset with our headset conversion kit 840559

Can be used on a Onex 29" cruiser frame with our headset kit 840558

Part #: 514098

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