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Suspension Chopper Fork 2

Chopper Forks

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Suspension Chopper Fork 2

Suspension Chopper Fork 2Suspension Chopper Fork 2Suspension Chopper Fork 2

22" fork Legs With Suspension
Steering Tube 22.2mm Threaded
Fits a 4" frame headtube
Leg drop out 4" wide to receive a 3/8" wheel axle

Use with a 22.2mm threaded headset
Use with 7/8" handlebars - handlebar mounts are built onto the fork, so no stem is required.
These forks will accept a 16", 20", 24", or 26" front wheel

Note:  The finish of the triple tree fork braces has some paint chips, but this can be easily fixed.  If you are customizing your bicycle this fix will not be difficult; simply unscrew the braces and spray some black paint.

Part #: 513216

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