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LED Chopper Bullet Light Kit CHROME

Chopper Fork Lights

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LED Chopper Bullet Light Kit CHROME


LED bullet light, chrome
Visor, chrome
Bracket that mounts to stem
LED light bulb (1) posistioned straight ahead, pivot light up or down on the bracket

Uses one 9-volt battery (not included)


Dimensions approximately: 
bullet light face 85mm (3 3/8") wide x front to back 100mm (3 5/16")
bracket length 55mm (2 3/16")
brackat hole diameter to mount to stem 10mm (3/8")


Chopper light adjustable bracket (520027)

133.35mm (5 1/4") from center of one bracket to the other,
Fits fork legs with 31.8mm (1 1/4")OD, fits most legs



Mount a bullet light on a chopper fork

Part #: 840019

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