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Bicycle Stem 21.1mm (7/8") x 1" (25.4mm) For Twist Handlebar CHROME

stem for threaded headset

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Bicycle Stem 21.1mm (7/8") x 1" (25.4mm) For Twist Handlebar CHROME

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21.1mm stem for threaded headset, chrome
*25.4mm (1") tube diameter to stem to handlebar
** 21.1mm tube diameter to slip into a fork steering tube

Removeable face plate with 2 screws

*Stem to handlebar further explanation - click
**Use on a fork with a 1" outer diameter threaded steering tube has a 21.1mm inner diameter to receive this stem
This stem rises above the headset about 2"

Use with a 1" threaded headset
Use handlebar with 25.4mm (1") tube diameter to stem

Part #: 534012

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