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  • Spinners
Axle spinners screw onto a front or rear axle. The designed spinner ornament is simply spun with the flick of your finger.  
  - Chopper Cross Spinner video
  - 3-wing Spinner video
  • Springer fork front brake
Cruiser bicycle front brake for 26" straight style springer fork. video
  • Master Link
Putting a master link onto a single speed bicycle chain. After the chain is cut and sized using a chain cutter, use a flat head screw driver. video
  • Cup & Frame Size
Fitting standard size crank cups onto your bicycle frame. video
  • Bicycle Stand

Simple bicycle stand that props up a rear wheel. 

This is a good stand for displaying a bicycle in a

shop window or at a bicycle show.

  • Front Fender Springer Fork
Installing a bicycle front wheel, fender and braces onto a springer fork. The same process is used for installing any size front wheel onto any size springer fork. video
  • Springer Steering Tube
At we sell a standard size springer fork steering tube, part# 512004. The length is 7.5" but it can be cut down to size using a hack saw. Its best to use a new blade for a cleaner cut. The reason to cut down the tube is to fit your bicycle frame head tube, most frames have a head tube length of about 5", so its good to start with a steering tube that is longer so that you can cut and fit it. video
  • Springer Fork Install
Installing a bicycle springer fork, steering tube, and headset. In this video we are using a 26" bent springer fork with a 22.2mm headset. video
  • Chopper Fork install
See how we install a chopper fork headset onto our HogRider chopper frame. We install a chopper fork with a 1 1/8" headset and a stem that goes onto the forks 1 1/8" steering tube. The stem can accept a handlebar with a center tube diameter of 1". video
  • Measure your frame's headtube
To know what size headset you need for your bicycle frame there are two ways to measure. This video shows you how to measure your frame with the headset cups taken off the frame. With the headset cups off your frame you can measure the inner diameter of the frame's head tube, the standard size inner diameter is 1 1/4". video
  • Adjustable Kickstand
Standard adjustable kickstand, fits most bicycle frames that have a hole mount at the base of their frame for the mounting screw to go into. video
  • Steering Wheel
Installing a steering wheel on a lowrider bicycle. video
  • Banana Seats
Banana seats are used with a seat post and a sissybar. video
  • Cruiser Seat Covers
Putting a seat cover onto a cruiser bicycle seat. video
  • Coaster wheel
Installing a 26" coaster wheel, 158 link chain, and a chainguard onto a stretch cruiser frame. video
  •  Wheel & Frame Size
 Take a measurement of your bicycle frame to know what size wheels it can use.  video
  •  Wheel & Tire Size
 QUESTION: what size is my wheel, 16", 20", 24", 26" ? video
  • Install on a tube
Use this bicycle part to replace your standard valve-caps and upgrade your bicycle. video

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