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Motorized Coaster Wheel Adapter

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Motorized Coaster Wheel Adapter

Convert your existing rear Coaster Wheel into a motor sprocket wheel. 
Fits standard coaster wheels with 36 spokes
Motor sprockets to use with this adapter available in  36T, 40T, 44T, 56T
Motor sprockets are designed to be used with  standard 415 size chain

Why use a motorized coaster wheel adapter?
Instead of driving the spokes like the common engine kit adapters this drives the entire wheel
Allows for proper chain alignment with the engine
Fast installation

Motorized Coaster Wheel Adapters are sold as one part.  A motorzied sprocket may be purchased  seperately from us.  Or you can use your existing sprocket which came with your gas engine kit.  You may need to drill holes in your existing sprocket to align with the adapter.

Part #: 547000

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