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Motorized Rear Wheel Disc Brake Kit

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Motorized Rear Wheel Disc Brake Kit

Motorized Rear Wheel Disc Brake KitMotorized Rear Wheel Disc Brake KitMotorized Rear Wheel Disc Brake Kit


Disc brake caliper 505203

Monster caliper adapter 505220

Monster rotor 255mm 505219
Rotor and sprocket adapter 547002

16T free wheel sprocket 532200

195mm long front wheel hub axle 502003 (optional use)

Motorized sprocket for 415 chain - select
Flip flop wheel - select



Design this rear disc brake wheel into your custom motorized bike build

For a frame with a welded rear disc brake bracket - example 1   example 2


This kit is for custom bicycle builders; frame modifications may be required; the 255mm Monster rotor may touch the frame's chain stay or seat stay; the frame must have a bracket welded on to receive the caliper with the Monster adapter; the frame's mid sections must be large enough to receive a 2-stroke or 4 stroke gas engine kit. 

flip flop wheel:
cnc sprocket:

Part #: 856004

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