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  • Frame's head tube inner diameter to know which size headset cups and headset hardware to use.
    - headsets complete
    - headsets cups
    - headset hardware
    - stems
    - handlebars










  • Frame's bottom bracket diameter to know which size inner diameter crank cups & bottom bracket hardware to use.
    - bottom bracket complete
    - bottom bracket crank cups
    - bottom bracket hardware
    - crank
    - pedal
  • Seat post tube diameter to know which size outer diameter seat post to use.
    - seat post
    - seat post insert
    - seat post clamp
    - seat post clamp screw
  • Frame's length from the rear fender mount to the miiddle of the rear wheel drop out where the rear wheel axle fits on the frame.  This is to know the maximum size rear wheel  and tire size your frame can use
    - rear wheel
    - rear tire
    - rear tube
    - rear rim strip

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