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Trike Conversion Kit with Metal Platform

Hollow Hub Trike Parts

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Trike Conversion Kit with Metal Platform

Trike Conversion Kit with Metal Platform


Metal platform with 4 bolts 20.75" wide x 10" deep
Hollow hub trike kit trike conversion kit 870000
Single speed, double coaster sprocket, brake arm, clamp 860009
Small chain for trike axle to double coaster sprocket
1 axle shaft 30" long x 5/8" or 16mm diameter for hollow wheel hubs
2 axle shaft end nuts and washers
3 screws for drive side hub



This trike conversion kit will attach to a bicycle frame that has 5" width between the rear drop outs.  Works well with most 20" lowrider frames and 26" cruiser frames, with standard width rear drop outs about 5" wide.  The arms sticking out of the trike kit are flexible to set into place within a frame's rear drop outs. The axle in the the double coaster hub is 6" wide and may not fit into the frame's rear drop outs if wider than 5.25", and not allow the axle nuts to be tightened.


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Part #: 870003

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