Simple Bicycle Parts Applications - Upgrade Your Bicycle Today!



1.  Bicycles & Parts customized SEARCH - find other bicycles and parts from companies we find interesting.


2.  Videos - working on bicycle parts

3.  Lowrider Bike Guide - over 200 lowrider bicycle styles created with Lovelylowrider Designer 1.0 software

4.  Bicycle & Parts Price Lists - quick view all our products available on the website in list format.

5.  Measure a bicycle:  frame

6.  Measure a bicycle:  wheel

7.  Lowrider bicycle diagram - a diagram showing the basic parts that make a lowrider bicycle.
8.  Cruiser Trike - 24" or 26" 140 spoke wheel set can connect to most standard size bicycle frames.
9.  Riders - on bicycles build by BicycleDesigner®
10.  Lowrider bike frames - display of various colored 20" lowrider bike frames with size dimensions
11.  Spinner wheels and parts - 3 types of spinner wheels and parts which can be used with them.
12.  Bike Assembly - various assembly instructions for BicycleDesigner® bikes.
13.  Cruiser bicycle diagram - a diagram showing the basic parts that make a cruiser bicycle.
14.  Compare bicycle chainguards - specs for our lowrider, cruiser, and chopper style chainguards
15.  Compare banana seats - specs for our 20" and 26" banana seats
16.  Chopper bicycle diagram - a diagram showing the basic parts that make a chopper bicycle.

17.  Compare bicycle sizes   1     20" Lowrider, Stretch Lowrider, Chopper, Trike

18.  Compare bicycle sizes   2     20" Lowrider Trike next to a Stretch Lowrider Trike
19.  Compare bicycle sizes   3     Slowrider Cruiser, Stretch Banana Cruiser, Stretch Cruiser, Classic Chopper, Spin Lowrider
20.  Compare bicycle sizes   4     20" Lowrider, 26" Cruiser, Chopper with 24" wheels.
21.  Compare bicycle sizes   5     16" Lowrider, 20" Lowrider, and a 26" Cruiser

22.  Compare BicycleDesigner® 140 spoke spinner blade wheel to a Deuce X-treme™ wheel  image  video

23.  Lowrider Hand brakes - specially designed handbrakes for tradtional 20" bent springer forks.

24.  Spin-Chopper - Deuce Xtremz spinner wheels, front disk brake, 40" suspension highback sissybar.

25.  Stinger Chopper - rear coaster wheel 20" 140 spoke & front wheel is 24" 140 spoke front wheel.

26.  Big Gold Wheels - 140 spoke 26" gold wheels for chopper and cruiser bicycles, shine up your ride.

27.  Fat tire - 3.0" wide tire on a 20" 140 spoke chrome wheel.

28.  Spinner Wheels - with Deuce Xtremz, 20"x3.0" fat tires, front disk brake, and free wheel sprocket.

29.  Flame cruiser seat - yellow, orange, and white flame on a black

30.  Bullet light battery installation - open the face of a bullet light to insert batteries.
31.  Springer Fork installation - basic installation of a springer fork and headset onto a cruiser or lowrider frame.
32.  Stretch Banana Cruiser - a bicycle for big people.
33.  Krate bikes - rear coaster wheel 20" 68 spoke & 16" 68 spoke front wheel
34.  40" Suspension Sissybar© - made to give suspension to your cruiser, chopper, or lowrider bicycle.
35.  Vegas Cruiser - chrome and gold 24" cruiser with 24" 140 spoke chrome front & coaster wheels.
36.  RV - A family spends 2 weeks couped up together in a motor home.  Bicycle made by BicycleDesigner®
37.  Steering wheel - shows a twist steering wheel, bullet light, stem, and twist handlebar assemled together.
38.  Adjustable Kickstand Type 1 - made to bolt onto a bicycle frame in two places with an adjustable length.
39.  Adjustable Kickstand Type 2 - made to bolt onto a bicycle frame in one place with an adjustable length.
40.  Stretch Choppers - chrome stretch chopper bicycles made for big people who like a shiny ride.
41.  Various Spinners - view a variety of applications with spinner wheels and axle spinners.
42.  Slowrider Cruisers - 24" cruisers shown in metallic blue, metallic black, and chrome colors.
43.  Stretch Lowriders - Want a lowrider bike but you are close to 6' tall, here is the answer!
44.  Bicycle Banana Seats - 20" Plush diamond banana seats with double padding designed for lowrider bikes.
45.  Fat Tires - 20"x3.0" black wall and white wall tires for bicycles.
46.  Disk Brake - view close photos of a bicycle chopper fork with a caliper and disk brakes.
47.  Disk Brake - installing the disc brake converter kit on a chopper fork and springer fork.
48. Hydraulic Kit - Use the ProHopper hydrolic kit with BicycleDesigner® Trikes
49.  Crank & Bearings - see the installation order of a 3.5" crank, bearings, and sprocket.
50.  Stem spacer - Chopper stem spacer to enable a 1 1/8" stem to fit onto a 1" fork steering tube.
51.  Diamond valve caps - screws onto a standard tube valve stem for bicycles, cars, wheels chairs, etc.
52.  Birdcage Lowrider - see various birdcage lowrider parts:  pedals, handlebars, mirrors, seat post, knock-offs
53.  Burgundy Lowriders - a collection of burgundy frame lowrider bikes.
54.  Lowrider Trike washers - has special washers designed to help balance out trike conversion kits
55.  Chainguards - see the distance between the 2-mounting holes on a lowrider and cruiser chainguard
56.  Chopper forks - The legs on our chopper fork are 30mm diameter, and may be cut to your custom size by sliding them  out of the braces.
57.  Chopper fork kit - take a close look at the contents of this kit - 34" fork legs with a 1" headset and small parts
58.  Continental Kit -  see close-up how a lowrider continental kit is assembled
59.  Continental Cruiser - see the original 26" cruiser with a continental kit.  Inspired by the 20" Lowrider Continental created by BicycleDesigner.
60.  Bicycle Seats & Seat Posts - determine the inner diameter of your frame, and the type of seat post head you need for your bicycle seat.
61.  HogRider chopper frame  - see specs for our universal chopper frame.  Its truely universal because it accepts a 20", 24", or 26" coaster wheel.
62.  Lowrider bicycle frame 20" - see specs for a 20" lowrider bicycle frame by BicycleDesigner.  Other 20" lowrider frames likely are of less quality.
63.  26" Straight Springer fork with extended fork crown - for a stretched out look install the extened fork crown, or take it off for a smoother ride.
64.  Stretch chopper frame - see specs, accepts a 24"x3.0" rear tire with 24" wheels, or 26"x2.125" rear tire with 26" wheels.
65.  Bolt cover - twist axle bolt cover
66.  Springer Fork - 26" bent springer fork using a 20" x 3.0" tires.
67.  Chopper Fork Light Brack - installation instructions step by step
68.  Stretch lowrider frame - see specs, accepts a 24"x2.125" front & rear tire with 24" wheels
69.  Headsets - Ordering a standard size headset for your bicycle frame
70.  Twisted - connect an all twist seat to a twisted sissybar
71.  Show Bikes - view lowrider show bicycles built for a chain of resturaunts in Florida.  Email us to make your display show bicycles for your stores.
72.  Double bullet light - use our double bullet light bracket to mount 2 bullet lights on your lowrider bicycle.
73.  Extended fork crown - for springer fork lowers the front end by about 3", and makes the bike un-rideable.  Use for show purposes only.
74.  Double springer fork - an old style fork brought back from the past.  Use this fork with a 16", 20", 24", or 26" wheel with up to 2.125" wide tires.
75.  Hollow hub trike kit - view samples of trikes using the hollow hub trike kit #870000

76.  Trikes Kit Assembly - shows how to assemble a lowrider trike, chopper trike, and the trike kit 860001

77.  Brake Kit Assembly - shows how to assemble a lowrider hand brake kit

78.  Stretch Chopper Tank - a full size stretch tank frame with 26" 36 spoke wheels with a coaster brake and chopper fork.

79.  Coaster Brakes - coaster brake wheels are simple to use, just back pedal to stop.  Bend the coaster brake clamp around your frame to assemble.

80.  26" bent springer fork with front fender  - adjust front fender braces by bending them out as much as possible.

81.  Chopper fork - 1" steering tube, headset, stem, installed on a stretch cruiser frame

82.  Chopper Fenders - attach the rear fender to a seat post, front fenders designed to plug into our triple tree chopper forks.

83.  Fender Bracket - attach a front fender bracket and front reflector to a front fender

84.  Springer Fork - wondering if the front end of a springer fork will fit your front wheel and tire?